The Renaissance Of The Grand Canyon

EcoHill Walk takes its architectural inspiration from the art piece of the Grand Canyon, where the massive steep canyon walls flanking each other create a valley that is vibrant and alive, bursting with activity and movement in its hollow.

In similar fashion, EcoHill Walk is designed to simulate a structural canyon where activity is rife in its central walkway lined by the commercial retail shops facing each other. Just as being the Grand Canyon showing off its grandeur, EcoHill Walk offers a lively mix of a man made stream, water sculptures and lush landscapes between a "canyon" of commercial retail shops that serve as an attraction on its own beyond its commercial purposes.

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Invest in Ecohill Walk's Stunning Future

EcoHill Walk - the first integrated commercial development in KL South is set to bring a whole new vibrancy to the fascinating Setia EcoHill township with a seamless connection between retail, commercial and residential space.

The masterplan for the 17.5 acre development comprises 890 units of serviced apartment,
243 units of lifestyle retail shop,
a neighbourhood mall and a premium entertainment centerpiece attraction that share a common lush landscaped pedestrian walkway, bringing everything closer together for a symbiotic co-existence.

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Living in Colour

The idea behind EcoHill Walk is not to merely focus on its concrete development but to focus on the emotional appeal of comfort, convenience and lifestyle embellishment.

The pedestrian walkway provide visitors a captivating stroll under shady greens whilst a man made stream meanders along the walkways and adds colour to the indulgence of alfresco dining, shopping or even work. The vibrancy of having recreation, entertainment and convenience all within reach takes the definition of modern living to greater heights.

Why choose Us?

Seamless Connectivity

A pedestrian walkway with breathtaking landscapes, man made streams and water sculptures connect the entire masterplan, offering an inviting space for businesses to engage the community.

The pedestrian walkway with its seamless connectivity encourages walkability in a refreshing and welcoming ambience, void of vehicles. Link bridges also extend the convenience of reach between the service apartments, neighbourhood mall and the commercial retail shops, providing a safe and secure environment.

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